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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The reason of my being...

Mumbling o milanhawkin at 9:15 PM
OK, there is actually no reason AT ALL of my being... Just wanna type that on.. hehe

Anyway... I really.. and I mean, REALLY wanna start on my new story but I guess I dont have all the time in the world. Busy memanjang. Even nak berangan pun takde masa. Too many things to do with so little time in hand. Seriously getting crazy here. And I miss writing so much. Kindda a time for me being seriously giddy with characters and storyline. Cheewaahhh.. bercakap macam thy ni penulis berpengalaman la pulak.. Menyampah!!!

Camna ek? Even sometimes I really do think I need to rewrite my previous story coz it is not even near to perfect. Entahlah...

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