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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

KLIA List (Bukan Cerpen mahupun Novel)

Mumbling o milanhawkin at 12:02 PM 1 demented soul(s)
Kebetulan terjumpa this list and think it was interesting.
Date: 23/7/2010

1.    An Indian man running around, oh wait, he’s not running, rather driving a luggage car (is it what it’s called?).
2.    Passengers from I-don’t-know-where just come off from a plane.
3.    A rugged middle-aged guy looking for his gate.
4.    I am looking for a plug to charge my laptop’s battery.
5.    I am here since 1pm and my flight is at 9.40pm. I looked lost somehow. This is the time that I wished I had drive to KL instead.
6.    Lots of shops inside KLIA but I dare not buy anything. I need the money for better usage.
7.    A group of stewardess and stewards talking to each other, and looked like they own this world.
8.    A young pilot with his luggage to (maybe) his first flight?
9.    Foreigners lurking around, doing God knows what. They’re everywhere.
10.    Abaya is so cool and pretty.
11.    Some naughty children making noises – or rather making a big mess on the KFC table.
12.    Obviously the children’s playground stated – no shoes allowed – but I guess there are still illiterate people in this world.
13.    Saw a loving husband playing with his boys.
14.    A real pilot – tho a bit older – looking so cool – tho not handsome. One look only, I already know he’s a pilot (put aside his uniform la).
15.    Good looking people are everywhere! Help!
16.    Tall people are everywhere! Again, help!
17.    Bald. Gay. Two.
18.    Young pilots again.
19.    I like kids. I hate kids. So there’s a contradiction that always in my head. But I definitely love Faris!
20.    Abaya is sooo coollll!
21.    There’s a TV host in front of me (I forgot her name tho). She’s not as pretty as she’s on TV. But then again, she’s pretty. And she flirts with somebody on her cell phone.
22.    Mamat Bangla kat depan ni pasang lagu Bangla la plak… aishhh….
23.    Two guys talking in a language I can’t understand. Is it Philippines? Thailand? Brunei maybe? They looked like Asian, so I don’t think I’m that far off.
24.    Mak cik2 and pakcik2 yg baru balik HJ/Mekah/Umrah…
25.    Flashing stewardess… again… Kenapa ek, pramugari and pramugara MAS dah makin tak lawa? Seksi ada la… lawa tu…mmm…
26.    Kenapa wifi kat KLIA ni limit to 2 hours only? Gile kedekut! Baikla xyah offer free wifi! Chait! Dahla connection asik intermittent jek. Slow plak tu.
27.    Aish, ada plak amoi tua dok bising2 belakang aku nih. Sabo jek la sbb dia dh tua. Baru je tgk dia naik kete airport and terfikir – nenek ni walaupun rambut dh beruban semua, still masih byk rambut dia. Lg byk dr rambut aku. 
28.    The sun sets behind me.
29.    Ooo… Africans? Nigerian? Well… they’re black, so what’s the difference? Wow… the guy is actually a priest! Nampak mende putih kat depan kolar baju mcm paderi2 pakai tu…!
30.    Lagi 2 jam utk flight… arghh… lamanyerrr!! Can’t believe I’m wasting my time at the airport!
31.    The wifi is killing me!
32.    Cantiknyer rambut….
33.    Bald. Handsome. Sexy. Foreign. Unreachable. So stop dreaming. :P
34.    Penat. Letih. Busuk. Tak best. Bila la nk jumpa tilam aku yg best tu? T_T
35.    Yup. I hate flying. I guess after this, unless it’s oversea, I am never EVER going to go by flight to anywhere again!
36.    Ternampak saluran buntut budak pompuan yg seksi ni… kuikuikui… sungguh x selera I tau!
37.    END

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